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What is The Best Blogging Platform?


Blogging was initially only available to a few certain people who had the technical expertise to manage their own sites. Now a growing number of blogging platforms are making it very easy for anyone to start their own blog. So, the question is – “What is the best blogging platform available?”


When it comes to blogging platform, the first name that comes to mind is WordPress! This is considered to be the number one choice for people who are starting a blog and is used by millions of people worldwide

There are two types of WordPress sites you can create -. A Free Hosted blog (WordPress Com) or a self-hosted blogs (WordPress.org)

Features :. The self-hosted WordPress option is a great way to create a professional looking website. It is very simple to install and is considered one of the best content management systems available, with the support of a huge community support. You get the opportunity to choose from a variety of free custom themes and can easily upgrade to a premium theme. There are literally thousands of plugins that can be set to customize every aspect of your site and tailor it to your own specifications. The best part is that it comes with a more powerful anti-spam capabilities and enables you to easily add and manage ads on your site. With free hosted blog you do not have to worry about setting up a hosting account, install and manage WordPress

Disadvantages :. When you opt for free-hosted version of WordPress, you will find countless ads floating around and bother you, you have little control over. Many features WordPress.com has to pay for. There is little customization and add-ons available. Some WordPress plugin can be tricky to use and needs to be updated regularly to be effective. You may need to have some technical background to install and use self-hosted version effectively.


Another name that appears in the blogging platform Blogger. WordPress this is considered to be the second choice with a number of bloggers and writers online. Google owns and operates Blogger and all the millions of their users

Features :. As Blogger is managed by Google, all the other Google applications and services work seamlessly together, making it easy to navigate between different services. You can also expect excellent support from Google and useful community should you need any assistance. Blogger is completely free with no money required at any stage

Disadvantages :. Blogger does not have a self-hosted version, which means that there are factors you have no control over. Secondly, it is believed by some to have poor SEO implementation, which can make it harder to get stuff ranking highly in search engines. You can not really customize your blog and it is not very suitable to create a stand-alone corporate sites.


Another name that is more popular blogging by micro blogging sites is Tumblr. It is one of the more popular platforms where bloggers and writers produce both commercial and non-commercial content. If you are looking to integrate blogging with social media, this forum is considered to be a great place to do it effectively. You can easily share any content or idea of ​​social media platforms by Tumblr readers or listeners

Features :. Speaking about the benefits Tumblr, it is generally intended for short and sweet blog content, which makes it ideal for personal blogs. Along with being a free platform, there are a lot of third party support available online should you need any technical support. Finally, as before, it has excellent social media connectivity that makes it easy to share content across all major social sites

Disadvantages :. When you talk about storage, this is a very big problem for Tumblr. You will also find limited support RSS feeds and comments make less effective SEO for your website based on this system. Customisation is also very limited.


This blogging platform has gained popularity among creative people, a number of industry leaders and related operations. So if you belong to the creative industries, this may be the perfect platform to work on

Features :. A unique merit of this platform is that you get a domain name. You can customize the design, get good help. In addition, it can integrate or mix properly with Facebook with ease

Disadvantages :. Lumar is not free. You need to subscribe to it to be able to use it. It is also believed to be a small player compared to other venues on this list.

There are other blogging platforms available that you can use, such as Drupal, Joomla, mobile Type, LiveJournal, Xanga, etc. that meet the different individual elements. But if we go back to the first question, “What is the best blogging platform available?” The answer should be based on their personal needs, your target market, your budget. So test a few options to find one that suits your business and style.


Blogging For Money – Tips for Beginners Bloggers


Blogging is a Great Online Venture to participate in, whether it is for fun or money. For those who are hoping to make some money by blogging, it may take some time to get into the swing of things and collect revenue. However, if you do it right, you should be making money on a continual basis when you get the hang of it. If you’re new to the world of blogging and want to start this type of activity, the following will provide useful Blogging For Money tips for beginners bloggers to consider.

Blog about what you know

For all beginner bloggers out there, one of the biggest mistakes that those new to this online type of industry do is blog about issues foreign to them. It is best to blog about what you know. It will help to ensure that you bring more and more traffic to your blog and help to keep them there. Also, if you’re hoping to make money with your blog, the best way to do that is to stick with well-known material that you will have more visitors and therefore more opportunities to sell associated products or gaining commission from external companies with your

Involve Outside Organizations in Blogging Ventures blog.

Although some bloggers make money on their own through his blog, others will include outside company when blogging for money. Revenue building activities such as affiliate programs and pay per click programs include the use of outside companies with your blog content. If blogging for money, one of the best things you can do as a new blogger is to embrace the company with one of these aforementioned programs. You really do not know too much about blogging at this point that these programs are fairly self-explanatory and outside companies handle most of the business. Therefore, while you are getting used to blogging, you can still be making money at the same time.

More than one moneymaking Venture When Blogging For Money

Beginner bloggers should also be aware of the fact that blogging for money can take several different projects moneymaking in order to get enough monthly income from to do it. Therefore, it is best to make use of more than one moneymaking venture when you blog for money. For example, you may want to sell your own products on your blog all while collaborating with external companies to make money through this route.

know it will take time to buy a steady income

As a beginner blogger who is interested in blogging for money, you should know that you will not become rich after two weeks of earning money through the blog. It will take quite a few months in many cases before you see a steady income coming in. With that said, do not get discouraged and blogging for money can be quite a lucrative job opportunity and one that may just take some time to start. In the end, blogging for money is a great way to set your own hours, work from home and bring money in and participate in thought provoking activities.


Best Blog Sites to Make Money From Your Blog


Do you love blogging and blog just for the fun of it?

Even though you may browse blogs just as a hobby, would not it be wonderful if you could earn money too through your blog?

There are various ways you can earn money through your blog – like promoting affiliate programs, paid reviews, selling advertising, etc.

Here, let us discuss how to make money from your blog by selling ad space on your blog

putting ads. blog or website in return for money can be a simple and free way to make money online.

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs in the blogosphere, so how do you get advertisers to advertise on your blog?

This work can be facilitated by using advertising networks. By using advertising networks, you can have a nice time blogging and earning money

Here is a list of advertising networks :.

1. Adbrite Offers a variety of advertising options to bloggers like text ads, banner ads, video ads, full-page ads and also inline advertising. You, blogger, has the ability to accept or reject advertisements. How you are paid vary from advertiser to advertiser.

2. Expo Active: This ad network offers you a lot of freedom immediately select specific ads you want to display on your site, the visual appearance of the ads. You are paying per click.

3. cris pads This ad networks allow publishers Namer their own prices. It enables smaller blogs to participate in the larger sponsorship unlike many other networks.

4. Chitika: They also offer several advertising options to choose from. Some profiles are – shoplincs, eminimalls, owna, Linx etc.

The aforementioned ad can be a good source of income for bloggers. Those are some of the best blog site to make money. Earn quick money online now with monetizing your blog with this advertising network


How to get your site indexed quickly by the search engines – how do i My website indexed ?


Blogging Tips – The Ultimate Blogging Tips


Here I am going to make them as simple as possible, as simply as possible. So here are The Ultimate Blogging Tips:

1. Simple Blog Design

I think you’ve heard this phrase before, “Simply The Best”. So you got it, make your blog as simple as possible. The only thing you should pay more attention to the content. Write something that is very informative and you will eventually get the traffic you wish for. If your blog design is too complicated, most visitors will feel messy about your blog then you will waste traffic. Plain simple design will be best.

2. Content is king

Always remember this. In the field of blogging, content is the most important ingredient if you want to succeed in your blog. Why people visit your blog? Because of the blog has received information that they seek. If you do not have anything that can attract visitors, there will be no reason for them to come to your blog. Here’s what you can do about content. Try to use color appear for content compared to all the other words outside content. You want to make content easy to read and stand out. Dull font options will make your guests difficult to read. This is especially true if your post is very long and full of words. Guests are not going to read something that is very long and difficult to read. So you get my point here.

3. Use less techie Widgets

good to have high tech equipment stays in the sidebar. But if they are too much, visitors may be attracted to them and follow the links to other sites. This is what you do not want. Besides that, using too much high tech gadgets will make your blogs will slow. Again, you can lose visitors because of this reason. It’s not that you can not use any of them, but my suggestion is to use less. Do not let your equipment eat up traffic.

4. Make Your Blog as professional as possible

You can accomplish this in various ways. One of them is to use a standard font size and color for all the words in your blog. For example, use blue color to point links. In the world of the Internet, everyone knows that blue means a link. As for the title, and the title, you can also standardized color Do not use all different color, they will look confusing and unprofessional.

5. Repeat Best your posts

You may want to repeat the best record, but in a different way. I’m not asking you to rest the same thing exactly. You can stress back with the best entry in the blog. Some visitors might miss the best entry. You want people to read about the best right, so this must be it. However, do not continue to do this though. Or else visitors may think that you do not have other stuff to write.

So here are all the tips now. To your success.


Blogging Platforms – Choose the right one


Apart from other decisions a blogger has to do – to determine which blogging platform to use is important. Just programs can make blogging a breeze, and the wrong platform can make blogging a chore. The experience you have while blogging depends on which program you use. With a little time and effort, you can discover a web site that works for you personally. Choosing the right plan is not always a simple task, but if you take some time to do some research and mull over it, you will come closer to making a decision on the right blogging platform for you.

Make sure you balance the simplicity of a web site against customize it. Most highly adaptable environment blogging as movable type, are a bit more difficult to use than the automatic programs like wordpress. If you are new to blogs and web technology, you might want to sacrifice the ability to create a custom program design or to integrate a unique font into your template to find a program that will be easy for you to use. But if you are very experience internet designer who knows a lot about HTML and Java, you’ll probably be frustrated with traditional user-friendly environment.

There is no such thing as a blogging program that is objectively the best platform, because every blogger has special needs. The reason why there are so many different systems, blogging is because blogs are all about showcasing yourself personality. They are indeed designed to meet the needs of different individuals to help them do a variety of work. The variety available will surely enable you to find a program that is suitable for technical ability.

Still, the fact that no two bloggers need the same thing from a blogging platform make your search for the right platform a bit tricky. When you are reading critiques of different platforms, try to keep priorities in mind and do your best to take into account the position that the reviewer is coming from. For example, a professional designer who writes a negative review of the program is plain will show a scene where we’re talking about was written by a beginner blogger. The platform is ideal for you depends on what your goals are.


Blogging For Beginners – How To Make Money Blogging


How can you make money by blogging you probably ask yourself time and time again, right? Better yet, if you are a complete beginner, I will assume that many who read this will be, you might even be wondering, what is a blog?

So you’ve heard people talking about blogging and better yet you have heard that some how these people manage to make money by doing it. Is all this fluff or is it someway to anyone, yes even you can get a piece of the pie?

Does it matter whether you are male or female? No, Statistics shows us that 50.9% of bloggers are women and 49.1% men. Better still, 61% say the reason they blog is to supplement their income! And in fact, if I had to guess, I would say that is almost one you are interested in!

It is all well and good, but you still do not know what blogging is exactly, right?

We have almost all come across a blog on one level or another on the Internet whether we realized it or not. Simply put, a blog is an Internet diary that records what happens to be the writers mind at the time. It’s really all they are!

Blogs are usually written in an informal tone, as if the writer is to have a friendly dialogue with their readers. Even though blogs exploded in popularity recently, yet very few retailers realize the potential of having a blog can have in driving sales for their business.

In short, what a blog is actually

But how can someone like me and you really see some of the green from blogging?

First, you must know where to start. You can not make money from blogging unless you have a blog

This is very briefly how you can start blogging, by this evening if you want:

• You will want to sign up with a free commercial (blogger.com or blogspot.com)

• You will want to start blogging !!

What about blogging?

It is up to you. However, lets assume here that one of the ways that you are hoping to make money through blogging is to promote affiliate products.

You will find the product you are interested in presenting, have a look at it, do some quick research on it, learn as much as you can yourself and those in your blog that you take what you have learned, and write them out in their own words. Simple but very effective

This is half if done correctly

1. It gives you top informative information for your blog, (which is what attracts people)

2. More importantly, the positions you as an expert add more perceived value to your blogs

So now you know what a blog is. The first step is to set one up and start blogging. The second step is to get people (Traffic) on the blog, I have a tip, as a little bonus at the end of this step. The third thing you want to do is to use your blog site to make you money. Here are some ways how

• Sell ad space on your blog. Basically, if you are blogging on a particular topic, and your blog becomes popular, others try to make money online in the same subject will want to advertise on your blog. They pay you and you litterly do not have to do anything else to it that you always

• Amazon! With this you will advertise Amazon products on your site. People visit your site will click on the link and send Amazon through a personal link. If they buy anything on Amazon, you get paid!

• You can also sell your products directly from your site. A good example would be the eBook which is about the same subject you are blogging. This is very effective as the person reading your blog is already interested in the subject

TIP :. A very effective and simple way to increase people to visit your blog is going to the platform on the subject you are blogging and simply answer some of the questions being asked. Even if you do not know the answers, research them. You will be surprised as how easy it is to find answers to these questions.

The reason for this is that once again to position yourself as an expert in the industry and more importantly every time you post answer some question that you can link back to your website or blog!

So you have reached the end of this short article. If you take that was shown to you and actually implement it you will definitely make money from blogging. How much will depend on how much work you put into it.

A trick to make money online is to learn as much as you can about the entire process and more importantly practice what you have learned. There is no magic formula to make money online. It is made of you and me to take the time to learn and implement. Unfortunately, this is not done about 95% of people think that magic “push button” recipe is actually out there


30 best sites for Making Money With Your Blog


Over the years I’ve been doing tons of research have my blogs to take off. I wanted to create some nice niche blogs can make money on a consistent basis. I have compiled a list of the best places I’ve found to make money online with your blog

1. Problogger What list would be complete without Problogger. This guy has done some serious cash from blogging his business and he shares a lot of great tips on his blog. Make sure to check it out when you get a chance, but be sure you have plenty of time. There is a ton of information to digest from this page.

2. BloogerNoob site has been very helpful as far as how to make money from blogs. It focuses on where to get advertising and to sign up for affiliate marketing. He also shows his income from blogging and it is not a ridiculous amount. Last year he made $ 25,000 from his blog and he shows the exact revenue of different advertising methods.

3. John Chow These guys site has a lot of random stuff mixed with blogging content. But in my opinion it makes things more interesting. So check it out and have a good laugh at the same time.

4. CarloCab Do not let age fool you came. He may be young to start making money online when he was 13. He’s up there with some of the big hitters of the industry and his website provides great insight in making money online.

5. Technorati: This is a great place to improve your blog. This is probably one of the largest if not the largest blogging communities out there. It can get you some great effects if used properly.

6. StevePavlina website that guy was not all glitz and glam and other sites. But the material is top rate. If you are trying to make money with your blog, this is a great resource with many great things to help you in your quest to monetize your blog.

7. Shoe Money This guy is one of the big guys in the blogging industry. His advice is awesome, but again this is one of those places where you have lots of time to go through all the material. This is another one of my favorite sites to check when I have some time.

8. Blogging Tips: This site has a lot of useful stuff. It has articles on how to monetize a blog but it also includes themes for your blog, forum, and many other areas of blogging interest. Be sure to check this out.

9. Blog Herald: The two biggest thing I love about this site are podcast interviews. I love listening to podcasts when I’m driving to work or have some free time. It makes it so I do not need to be in front of your computer to get some updates. I also really like that they have a part devoted to interviews, I find it very interesting to see how others have done it in this industry.

10. UpstartBlogger Once you get past the setup of the blog (It’s similar to a newspaper layout), you will find some good advice. One thing I like about this blog is that it has actually monthly reports on how much money it generates. There is also a wealth of knowledge and resources for other blogs related to your topic.

11. Daily Blog Tips: This site has many great articles on blogging and I’ve still yet to check out everything. But from what I have seen that there has been very helpful in getting my blogs off the ground.

12 Copyblogger :. This blog has many great tips to get readers to your blog and other ways to monetize your blog site

13 BloggingPro I was advised to check this page from friends and have not had a chance to look over that much. But I have read some articles and they seemed rellevant and well put together.

14 Blogtrepreneur: This site has some great content on many things. I liked the blog section and SEO section. The AdSense and affiliate marketing section is also very interesting.

15. Build Better Blog: The blog content is king. And to say this site is to build a better blog with more constructive content.

16 Widgetbox Seeing as how we are halfway through our list I figured I’d throw something fun in the mix. Every blog needs a little sprucing up as head of the gadget box and find that perfect equipment to make your blog stand out.

17. Blogging Experiment: This is a guy who mostly experienced flipping websites. So much of his advice is pretty interesting. The interesting thing about this place is they have movies that you can watch how to make money online in various ways.

18. Blogger Unleashed: This guy has a very interesting perspective on blogging in my opinion. You just have to check it out to see what I’m talking about.

19 Blogsessive my favorite part of this page is the “Best Blog Tips” section. This has a lot of the more interesting posts of the year.

20. Garry Conn: This guy has lots of advice on how to make money online. Its a good stop in the blogging experience.

21 DoshDosh At first glance this may look like a cheesy anime site. But on closer examination you can see that there is a legitimate blogging for money advice website.

22. Andy Beard This is a great place if you are thinking about starting a niche blog. He gives good advice and tips that niches are good to go with.

23 CanIMakeBigMoneyOnline :. This site is setup to look like a business site and it gets right down to business with how to make money online

24. Pure Blogging A great place with good tips. Check it out when you get done reading another 23 websites above.

25 Marketing Tips In order to have the money to do a blog, marketing is the key. This site focuses on how to market your blog and bring people to it.

26. Moms Cash Blog: In this site the author gives amazing advice on various issues in blogging

27 .. Thou Hall Blog: This site has tons of advice on everything from SEO to simply out blogs and posts. Its a great place and should not be overlooked just because the bottom of the list.

28 Mason World: This site may not be directly related to blogging but its great for online marketing

29 .. DavidRisely: This guy is make good money with blogging. I hate titles his small but otherwise overall great place to get information about making money from blogging.

30 Reve News: Ok, OK so this is not really about blogging. But at the end of the day very good to see how much other people are doing online. This is kind of like inspiration and should help inspire you in your blogging.


Blogging Ideas – 3 Strategies to develop ideas


Get a new blog idea can be difficult. But blogging should be a lot of fun. How can you come up with something new and interesting to say to readers that they will appreciate reading? It is not always easy, but there are some things you can do to come up with posts that are not only interesting but also to get the message out.

process of finding ideas

How can you find blogging ideas? There are a few tips here for you to hire.

1. Use the news. The news is filled with stories, large and small, that have something to do with the place, in most cases. If you are promoting pet products, stories of lost pets can work well. If you are selling mortgages, there is plenty in the news about this day. Use it as a tool to send the message.

2. Take some time to invest in your readers. Ask them what they need or want to know. Amazingly, this is one of the best ways to talk to your readers :. Answer their questions

3. Blog about daily life, instead of trying to come up with something new to say on the topic, talk about what you did or how you work your business. This works well for information projects.

come up with new ideas that blogging can be difficult because there is often only so much you can say. Still, you can find a variety of interesting topics to talk about if you expand the perspective and look in different directions.


Easy Blogging Tips for Beginners


For people who have just started blogging or are enthusiastic about it, here are some tips that might help them to act as experts in a very short time. These tips are very easy and everyone can learn from them. These Blogging Tips for Beginners are often recommended by blogging professionals around the world.

Be passionate about your blog

be natural and yourself. If you are passionate about what you want to write about here is space. Slide … if you’re not excited about your blog, why would readers be?

Be consistent with your blog

Successful Blog grown in readership takes patience and time. Start out by holding yourself accountable to your blog at least once a week and grow from the starting point.

Blog of knowledge

A lot of people write, but if you are blogging on a particular topic that you need to increase your knowledge. Add value to your blog and ask yourself: “What can I blog about safety and knowledge ‘?

Write your readers with heart

If you’re passionate the expert, it is important that the message was the purpose of

Reliability is the key

“To you” is so simple that it could feel wrong. This does not have to you should publish a post that has not been tweaked for clarity or grammar. It is important to be real.

Have a plan and include break

Even a blogger who has expertise and passion hits stumbling occasionally Some days, writing is more difficult than other days-for whatever reason .. Relax, think, feel and again find

Get social

Make sure ways to encourage your readers to share your blog posts. Also, if you are blogging about someone or a product that you really love, be sure to mark that person or company on Twitter when you share your blog.

Re-purpose your blog

After spending so thoughtful time crafting useful and meaningful posts, it would be a shame to let them die somewhere in the archives of your blog or website. Channelize it well. Record information podcast for people to listen on-the-go. Tweet out one-liners (more breadcrumbs) that encourage people to click for more information. You get the idea. Have fun with it.

I hope these tips will inspire you to really embrace the challenge of blogging for business and help you to blog so that will help your business.


Blogging Platforms


Although WordPress is quite popular and blogging platform, lots of bloggers are careful to place it where it is a little difficult. The main advantage of WordPress, it has a total content management system. And no matter how big your blog cultivate, WordPress will direct it for you. The WordPress has many plugins that extend the functionality of the blog. Another great advantage of installing WordPress on your personal domain is you have absolute control over your blog. With the free blogging level, your blog could be deleted devoid of any prejudice. This is distressing if you have used up the time and energy on the blog.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme! To be “pro-blogger” you have to work as “A-list blogger”. It seems like all large A-List blogger points out, but that got them to the point of success. We all know about Shoe Money thing the majority know about is $ 132,994.97 30 days Ad Sense check from way back in. Winning bloggers have set up their blog to brand, you must know everyplace. Of the better super bloggers their blogs have proven to be a household name and “brand” is recognized by thousands yearning for online success.

You have formed your blog. At this moment you have a blog design, which will make it appear fine for viewers. The easiest way to implement this is to make use of the free blog templates. By the way, if you are making use of WordPress, selected blog my forum, you must remember that they call the blog template blog theme. So you may need to get bigger looking to take a free blog theme. In fact, WordPress is really easy to find free blog templates. Set off in the introduction part of the blog’s control panel.