What is better, a Website or Blog?


With so much material posted daily on the Web as well as a wide variety of readers, each of which has unique preferences when it comes to finding information, it is easy for a person to get confused about whether to start a website or a blog. Back in the old days before the Internet, readers had to rely on traditional media for opinions, news updates, analysis and more. In a highly connected society, anyone can become a writer or a publisher when it comes to expressing something or share information that can resonate with countless other readers. Websites have been around longer than the blogs and people around the world to visit them every day to find updates that they can connect to based on their respective interests. Blogs on the other hand are standalone simplified websites, or as part of a website, display updates, commentaries and even audio-video media while at the same time allow readers to post comments.

So hot question at hand is, “Which is better, a website or a blog?” While there is no concrete and comprehensive response to the hand, the answer depends on how resourceful and ready man when it comes to having your own spot his or her site that sends information. When it comes to information, a website is an ideal model to present the content in different forms (for example, a website about video games has less visual media, opinion articles, industry news, an online forum and blog), but the big catch here is to host website is expensive and also requires hardware knowledge to use website maintenance tools as well as personal management. On the part of the reader, he or she will learn the structure of the website before you choose a specific page to access and in many cases can be confusing to do.

A blog on the other hand, is simpler and more cost effective to install and handle. One can go on Blogger or WordPress, open an account and set up a blog in a more efficient and convenient ways, complete with page customization tools provided on the site. It is more ideal for the person who has less resources, less money available, and who chooses to have fresh content updates without highly technical hassles that come with maintaining a website. It is also more ideal for readers who want to see the updates without getting lost grazing or click your way through. For many aspiring writers, believers or expression activists out there, the blog is more preferred models have thanks to the many amenities that come with it. Truly, it all comes down to resources, the will and the skills to manage and time will determine the person’s decision between running a website or blog.


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