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If you are new to writing a blog, let me first explain the types of blogs available on the Internet. Generally there are only two types of blogs, commercial and non-commercial blog.

advertising blogs are like Trump University blog where it professional writers post regularly with tons of advertisements or products and services of their own, mostly created by companies not individuals. The most common type of blogs are non-commercial blog, where people like me and you usually write on.

In non commercial blogs it can further break down into two different types of blogs. The first one is blogging for leisure, which means you blogging merely as staff online calendar. The second type of blog would be business blogs. Business blogs are like blogs like mine where I write this blog and update it regularly to make a living out of it.

If you are wondering can people take blogging as a profession, yes you can. And I’ve looked online there are many others just like us to make money from blogging. The reason before I go into some tips to blog right, you need to understand the key role of your blog and what type of blog do you have. Different blogs have different functions to them.

Some use blogs as a tool to get attention to their main, some use blogs just to talk to the staff of their lifestyle and there will be some that are serious, lan and structure their position when they write their blogs as Create dollars.

As in any business, you first need to map out what you want out of your blog before you even start sending your first post. This is very important especially at the start point of the blog when it is very new. You have to give the best impression you can within the 1st 10 seconds guests to enable them to stay longer.

A great tool that I use is the structure in almost every web hosting package awstats in your cPanel.


The longer you can keep readers on your site, you know that your site is some use for them. During the process when you blog, it’s always good to look around for ways to get traffic and publish your blog URL

Ways drive traffic to your blog :.

– Offline Marketing (Release name cards of events)

– Forum Marketing

– PPC Marketing

– Article Marketing

– SEO Marketing

and so much more

From my experience, the best kind of traffic you want is exchanging links from other people who are in the same trade company and you. Example, my niche is about blogging so what I would do is Google search blogging and search for the top blogs on the Internet.

When searching for potential link exchange or joint venture with the bloggers you want to find two types of blogger. Let say your blog is about 500 hits a day, you can find a blog whose traffic is about the same question and you write an e-mail to him to ask for a link exchange. Most likely he will be happy to help as all you have to do is send the article on their website.

Another method would be to find the most popular bloggers who know nuts about traffic and you know that they have so much what you do you ask them for an exclusive interview with them. Remember this principle in joint ventures, always thinking in the way “What is it for him, not for you.” When you type your email address secure as you read it, it has to gain from him all the time! The reason for that, because people do not care how much you care unless you show them how much you care about them trust me it works.

Once you’ve managed to build a relationship by email, you want to try to get other ways to communicate like Skype, MSN or Yahoo. To tell you the truth, many websites actually get tons and tons of traffic FAST not from using Internet Marketing methods but from Viral Marketing or joint ventures

Some great examples would be

– Do press release (cost US $ 80 one-time) and get published on paper and create a story that is so unique it will viral itself. Have you wondered how those Gurus always get interview out of no where, it is because the press release

-. Joint venture with someone very famous or has tons of traffic, if he or she wants you and your website is the main page of his. Expect to see the growth of traffic to your day

– Another great tip would be, buy a way to get traffic. You can go to review me my site here and what makes ReviewMe is that you can pay me fix the amount and I will make a comment on the blog. If you really deserve what I am trying to say, this is the cheapest and most effective way to get traffic if you want to pay for it.

Why I say this is because, imagine the owner of the website itself has already build so much creditability for your readers on this website. Would article by yet drive more traffic to your website or banner ad? Think about it for a moment. I personally have tried it and on top of the traffic I get I also tons of emails for joint ventures because the blog I advertise in the About Internet Marketing too. Even earlier in the day, however, it cost US $ 250, there is still traffic coming in earlier in the day because the website has a PR 5 people looking for some phrases actually still goes to the review page.


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