How To Make Your Own Free Blog


Making your own blog need not be expensive or complicated. These days, to set up an attractive, professional-looking blog that fits your personality and your goal is simple. This is regardless of whether the intention is to have fun or make money through blogging. However, simply having actually designed a free blog is not enough. You must always remember that content is the most important part of your blog. Materials must be informed and be unique enough to appeal to readers

Let the steps guide you to create free blogs :.

1) decide what to blog about

A common mistake people make in blogging is to write about any topic they are not passionate about or interested. This makes the process of blogging tedious and sometimes difficult. If you want to succeed and to have fun while blogging, you should write about a topic that you love and always are eager to talk about whether these items to be cooking, politics, gardening, exercise, relationships, or poetry . If you are interested in many things, only blogging about a topic that you are most passionate about.

2) Decide on host and domain

Choosing a hosting company and domain name is the next step. In most cases, a free blogging platform deny you the opportunity to choose your domain name. You are forced to make use of the name of the host company as part of the domain. Despite this, one part of the domain is still under your control. If you choose WordPress and host your website and you decide to use free-blogging platform area, your domain name will look like “.” The chapter is named as “your blog name” can be whatever you want . Just make sure you choose the title reflects the content of your blog.

3) Choose a theme

After selecting a blogging platform, the following step is to choose a theme. Countless free themes are available. To narrow your options down, all you have to do is to choose a theme that fits the content and personality. Then from there, choose a theme that will be easy for readers to navigate through.

4) Start blogging

Once you have done all the steps described above, it is time to blogging. Bring up the subject in the selected your hobbies that will make readers coming back for more. Remember excellent, unique content is important.


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