Blog Vs Website -? Which is better for Affiliate Marketing


I have been asked many times, the best way to advertise and promote affiliate products on the web, using a blog or use the website? There are some big differences between the two, you should know about. So let’s first look at the differences between blogs and websites so that you can make an informed decision.

Very important, blogs (also called web log) is a type of website. Blogging is a dynamic choice for anyone who has something to sell, or say. Blog owners do posts and build a readership with potential customers. The entries can be a comment or news about events that interest visitors to your blog. The readers the ability to comment on posts make it interactive conversation for everyone.

A website is the same as a blog, unless it is fixed. You can not have the same kind of communication you can have a blog. This is where you describe the actual products and / or services. You can update the site as often as you want, but this is usually only done if you change products. With the new blog software out now, it can be very difficult to tell whether it’s a blog or website

here are 5 advantages blog :.

1. A major advantage of a blog is blogging allows you to send text, audio and video and have it on the web in minutes, unlike traditional static websites that you can take the time to update and cost a lot if you are not familiar with the building or changing websites. It is much cheaper to set up a blog and keep your site than it is for static website.

2. Another big advantage of having a blog is that you get the site set up quick, write your first post, hit “publish” and you’re business is ready to go.

3. A blog is much easier to optimize for search engines than a static website. Whenever you add new content to the post, you “ping” update service. You have to notify the search engines you have fresh content on your site. The search engines will visit your site and index your site more than a static website. Blogs will also appear many times more in organic searches than a regular website.

4. Bloggers build credibility faster than someone running a static website because there is no communication. The blog owner is always sending and add new content. The blogger is to build relationships with readers and readers the ability to comment back.

5. It is very easy to publish content on the blog. When you want to make a post that you simply enter the back office, brand recognition, and it is sent out immediately. With static website, you need to open the editor, write articles, update page properties before uploading the page on your site using FTP software. Then you have to wait for the search engines to visit your site to get it indexed again.

There are many reasons why I could still add to the argument for a blog site, but I hope I’ve given you enough reasons you can make an informed decision on the blog vs. website. The best way would be to have both a blog where you can post a website that has products. You can then put a link from your blog to your website and link to your website on your blog. Then people could read posts and then connect over to see your products or vice versa.


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