7 Unique Ways to write creative blog


A creative blog will attract readers. It will also get laid in social media. For a blog to be considered creative, it does have some interesting ideas. And there’s the rub: How do you find creative, interesting ideas to blog

idea to write creative blog overwhelms Most bloggers. This is why most posts are variations of a familiar theme.

Although it may seem like a daunting task to come up with interesting ideas that will grab readers, keep them coming back to read more of your posts, and get them to measure entry to others through social media, it is possible to do it.

The question of course is how?

Here is a list of proposals to jump start your creative juices.

1. The next time you come across an interesting article, pay attention to what made it interesting. Do this enough times and you’ll get a knack for figuring out what makes the article interesting and what makes a bad article? Take notes.

2. Collect interesting articles and use them as a model for your own articles. Exercise style, the metaphorical language and a rich selection of facts.

3. Work to improve your writing. Get a book on writing well and learn the lessons. Learn the subtle nuances of writing well as how to monitor, how to gather facts, how to ask questions, how to concentrate, how to organize, how to analyze, how to imagine, how review, and how to evaluate.

4. Research online the latest news on the subject or sign up with Google Reader to keep them straight to your inbox.

5. If you have a general theme, you can use magazines and newspaper clippings. Use this to cull interesting facts about the niche.

6. Brainstorm for ideas based on personal experience. Tie the life lessons with niche content. This is what Les Brown does with his motivational speeches. He creates a connection between their own experiences and universal truth about personal growth.

7. Watching TV and listening to Radio – but with an eye for interesting facts and market trends. You can even draw a correlation between the popular show and idea-related niche.

Creative interesting ideas are all around when you train your brain to look for them. It is easy to write creative blog posts once you learn how.


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