What is better, a Website or Blog?


With so much material posted daily on the Web as well as a wide variety of readers, each of which has unique preferences when it comes to finding information, it is easy for a person to get confused about whether to start a website or a blog. Back in the old days before the Internet, readers had to rely on traditional media for opinions, news updates, analysis and more. In a highly connected society, anyone can become a writer or a publisher when it comes to expressing something or share information that can resonate with countless other readers. Websites have been around longer than the blogs and people around the world to visit them every day to find updates that they can connect to based on their respective interests. Blogs on the other hand are standalone simplified websites, or as part of a website, display updates, commentaries and even audio-video media while at the same time allow readers to post comments.

So hot question at hand is, “Which is better, a website or a blog?” While there is no concrete and comprehensive response to the hand, the answer depends on how resourceful and ready man when it comes to having your own spot his or her site that sends information. When it comes to information, a website is an ideal model to present the content in different forms (for example, a website about video games has less visual media, opinion articles, industry news, an online forum and blog), but the big catch here is to host website is expensive and also requires hardware knowledge to use website maintenance tools as well as personal management. On the part of the reader, he or she will learn the structure of the website before you choose a specific page to access and in many cases can be confusing to do.

A blog on the other hand, is simpler and more cost effective to install and handle. One can go on Blogger or WordPress, open an account and set up a blog in a more efficient and convenient ways, complete with page customization tools provided on the site. It is more ideal for the person who has less resources, less money available, and who chooses to have fresh content updates without highly technical hassles that come with maintaining a website. It is also more ideal for readers who want to see the updates without getting lost grazing or click your way through. For many aspiring writers, believers or expression activists out there, the blog is more preferred models have thanks to the many amenities that come with it. Truly, it all comes down to resources, the will and the skills to manage and time will determine the person’s decision between running a website or blog.


Successful Blogging Tips to Make Money Online


Many people are starting their own blogs for various reasons. Some use their blogs as a kind of online diary, others keep family and friends updated on their activities and some make money online with their blog.

If you are like most people, making money with your blog is a very intriguing idea. Not only is it an idea, it can be realistic way to make a living working from home.

There are several different ways to make money with blogging. Most routes are in the affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. You can also get paid to write reviews on specific products and services and make upfront payment for each post that you put on your blog. Consider these three methods to give you insight into exactly how you can make money online with your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

This is where you promote other people’s products and get a commission on each sale you generate. You join different affiliate networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction. You will get an affiliate link for each product you decide to promote. When promoting affiliate products through your blog, you post basically content relevant to personal reviews on these products and affiliate links in posts. When people read your posts, they could decide that this product will help them and they click on your link and make purchases. You will then receive a percentage of each sale you make.

Google Adsense

This is a free program that you sign up through Google. Once approved, you’ll have the ability to put a little bit of HTML code on your blog. This code creates small ads that are relevant to the content of your blog. Every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you are paid a certain amount for each click.

Get Paid To Blog About Products

There are many companies out there that will pay you a certain amount for each post you write up about their products or services. Generally, it starts at $ 4 to $ 5 per transaction, and this can add up. Usually, your blog needs to be at least 90 days old and has a certain amount of posts on it already working to this type of work. Other companies are more stringent with their requirements and the need to have a certain amount of monthly traffic first. Either way, when you get approved you can certainly make a full time income with this type of work.

Blogging is fun and creative way to make money online. When you have the money to make your blog set up, all you have to do now is to drive traffic to it. You can get traffic through writing articles, posting on forums, social network sites, social bookmarking and especially by using keywords. The more specific your keywords, the more targeted traffic will that will lead to more money for you. It is important to be consistent with the marketing blog just as you would any other website or business. The more you get the word out to your blog, the bigger readership base will get. People will then begin to spread the word about on your blog. So, to be consistent, to keep adding fresh content to your blog and soon you will be generating a nice monthly income.


How To Make Your Own Free Blog


Making your own blog need not be expensive or complicated. These days, to set up an attractive, professional-looking blog that fits your personality and your goal is simple. This is regardless of whether the intention is to have fun or make money through blogging. However, simply having actually designed a free blog is not enough. You must always remember that content is the most important part of your blog. Materials must be informed and be unique enough to appeal to readers

Let the steps guide you to create free blogs :.

1) decide what to blog about

A common mistake people make in blogging is to write about any topic they are not passionate about or interested. This makes the process of blogging tedious and sometimes difficult. If you want to succeed and to have fun while blogging, you should write about a topic that you love and always are eager to talk about whether these items to be cooking, politics, gardening, exercise, relationships, or poetry . If you are interested in many things, only blogging about a topic that you are most passionate about.

2) Decide on host and domain

Choosing a hosting company and domain name is the next step. In most cases, a free blogging platform deny you the opportunity to choose your domain name. You are forced to make use of the name of the host company as part of the domain. Despite this, one part of the domain is still under your control. If you choose WordPress and host your website and you decide to use free-blogging platform area, your domain name will look like “. Yourblogname.WordPress.com” The chapter is named as “your blog name” can be whatever you want . Just make sure you choose the title reflects the content of your blog.

3) Choose a theme

After selecting a blogging platform, the following step is to choose a theme. Countless free themes are available. To narrow your options down, all you have to do is to choose a theme that fits the content and personality. Then from there, choose a theme that will be easy for readers to navigate through.

4) Start blogging

Once you have done all the steps described above, it is time to blogging. Bring up the subject in the selected your hobbies that will make readers coming back for more. Remember excellent, unique content is important.


Writing Jobs to Make Money Part-Time – Blogging


If you’d like to make money in your spare time by writing, Consider blogging. It’s become mainstream and there are Many blog jobs available. You Can earn a part-time income from home, and if you enjoy it, You Can Even Turn It Into a full-time profession.

Let’s look at two tips Which Will help you to launch a Successful blogging career .

1. Familiarizes Yourself First: Your Blog Is Your Primary Sales Tool

If you want become a professional blogger, you need your own blog. Just as the chef learns to cook by going to cooking school and cooking, you’ll Learn how to blog by blogging.

Oftel your Clients are completely unfamiliar with social media marketing tools and What They Can Do for Their Business , so They dependance on you to guide theme.

Therefore your first step is to Create your own blog, Which Will be your primary sales tool.

2. What Do You Know? Choose Topics With Confidence

Next, Consider Which topics you feel most comfortable writing about. When you have experience in a topic, You Can write with authority.

What experience? You may be wondering.

You have lots of choice. Because so many businesses are blogging, there are thousands of topics you could Choose. Love cooking? That’s a great topic; food blogs do well, as so do baby and Parenting blogs.

Therefore, look for writing jobs in your own Area of ​​EXPERTISE. Everyone has themself, no matter how old, young, or experienced you are, you have Areas in which you’re an expert.

If you want to write in the area and you’re not an expert, get up to speed first.

For example, if you want to write a blog about the stock market and know little, you could certainly write a blog from the point of the new investor, helping others to Learn, as You Learn yourself.


Make Money Online Blog Ideas – How to dream up a winner


How people dream up those smart ideas for the blog that works the instant traffic and enables them to make some interesting amount of money online almost effortlessly?

certainly has never been easy to come up with any business idea, not just one that needs to help you make money online. Still looking at past ideas that have been successful and follow some basic rules in idea generation, the chances of coming up with attractive make-money-online-business-ideas of blogs will grow dramatically.

The Best Make Money Online Blog Ideas Solve pressing problems

Do not forget that people come online to search for information and effectively solve their problems. One hugely successful business model has proven to be a winner online time and time again. And this is where the site offers popular and valuable free service to build a lot of traffic and then figures out later what to do with traffic and how to earn the maximum amount of money from circulation. This is usually much easier part of the entire process because these days we have programs like the very popular Google Adsense program where one does not even have to sell anything to be able to make money online.

The official Washington Post covered the example of two teenagers from Louisville, David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard, who have a site that gives away design for people to use on MySpace social networking sites. MySpace is colossal social networking site boasts a membership running into double digi million. It is one of the most popular sites online. Is it any wonder that the two are making $ 100,000 a month giving away free stuff?

Other ideas have been fairly simple, yet hugely successful. As those that offer free SMS (Short Messaging Service) to almost any mobile phone in the world. In countries where cell phone call charges are high, these pages managed to attract very high traffic.

Yet another blog that picked up traffic so fast that one gets dizzy just looking at a steep increase in hits, had the idea to give Xbox players tips and ideas.

Another idea for your site or blog is to address the rare items. For example, exchanging rare books collector is the type of idea that will give you the kind of targeted traffic that can be very important for anyone looking to make money online with a blog site. You can find a lot more blog make money online ideas from various places on the Internet.

The list of possible ideas is really endless. Simply record your skills and passions and then write down the problems folks have related to what is on your list, and sooner or later you should have a winning blog idea to help you make some serious money online.


Money Making Blogging Tips You will have


If you are new to writing a blog, let me first explain the types of blogs available on the Internet. Generally there are only two types of blogs, commercial and non-commercial blog.

advertising blogs are like Trump University blog where it professional writers post regularly with tons of advertisements or products and services of their own, mostly created by companies not individuals. The most common type of blogs are non-commercial blog, where people like me and you usually write on.

In non commercial blogs it can further break down into two different types of blogs. The first one is blogging for leisure, which means you blogging merely as staff online calendar. The second type of blog would be business blogs. Business blogs are like blogs like mine where I write this blog and update it regularly to make a living out of it.

If you are wondering can people take blogging as a profession, yes you can. And I’ve looked online there are many others just like us to make money from blogging. The reason before I go into some tips to blog right, you need to understand the key role of your blog and what type of blog do you have. Different blogs have different functions to them.

Some use blogs as a tool to get attention to their main, some use blogs just to talk to the staff of their lifestyle and there will be some that are serious, lan and structure their position when they write their blogs as Create dollars.

As in any business, you first need to map out what you want out of your blog before you even start sending your first post. This is very important especially at the start point of the blog when it is very new. You have to give the best impression you can within the 1st 10 seconds guests to enable them to stay longer.

A great tool that I use is the structure in almost every web hosting package awstats in your cPanel.


The longer you can keep readers on your site, you know that your site is some use for them. During the process when you blog, it’s always good to look around for ways to get traffic and publish your blog URL

Ways drive traffic to your blog :.

– Offline Marketing (Release name cards of events)

– Forum Marketing

– PPC Marketing

– Article Marketing

– SEO Marketing

and so much more

From my experience, the best kind of traffic you want is exchanging links from other people who are in the same trade company and you. Example, my niche is about blogging so what I would do is Google search blogging and search for the top blogs on the Internet.

When searching for potential link exchange or joint venture with the bloggers you want to find two types of blogger. Let say your blog is about 500 hits a day, you can find a blog whose traffic is about the same question and you write an e-mail to him to ask for a link exchange. Most likely he will be happy to help as all you have to do is send the article on their website.

Another method would be to find the most popular bloggers who know nuts about traffic and you know that they have so much what you do you ask them for an exclusive interview with them. Remember this principle in joint ventures, always thinking in the way “What is it for him, not for you.” When you type your email address secure as you read it, it has to gain from him all the time! The reason for that, because people do not care how much you care unless you show them how much you care about them trust me it works.

Once you’ve managed to build a relationship by email, you want to try to get other ways to communicate like Skype, MSN or Yahoo. To tell you the truth, many websites actually get tons and tons of traffic FAST not from using Internet Marketing methods but from Viral Marketing or joint ventures

Some great examples would be

– Do press release (cost US $ 80 one-time) and get published on paper and create a story that is so unique it will viral itself. Have you wondered how those Gurus always get interview out of no where, it is because the press release

-. Joint venture with someone very famous or has tons of traffic, if he or she wants you and your website is the main page of his. Expect to see the growth of traffic to your day

– Another great tip would be, buy a way to get traffic. You can go to review me my site here and what makes ReviewMe is that you can pay me fix the amount and I will make a comment on the blog. If you really deserve what I am trying to say, this is the cheapest and most effective way to get traffic if you want to pay for it.

Why I say this is because, imagine the owner of the website itself has already build so much creditability for your readers on this website. Would article by yet drive more traffic to your website or banner ad? Think about it for a moment. I personally have tried it and on top of the traffic I get I also tons of emails for joint ventures because the blog I advertise in the About Internet Marketing too. Even earlier in the day, however, it cost US $ 250, there is still traffic coming in earlier in the day because the website has a PR 5 people looking for some phrases actually still goes to the review page.


What’s A “Platform” And Why Does A Writer Need One?


Today, most book publishers Requires That writers take on most of the promotional and marketing Duties Necessary to sell Their books. Howeverwhole, to accomplish this job, nonfiction writers in particular have to begin Promoting and marketing Their books long beforehand They hold the bound tome in Their hands. They have to begin building what the industry calls a “platform,” a base of potential readers That know themself as an expert in Their field or on Their subject from Their speaking, writing and presence on the radio, television and Internet.

Expert platforms consist of

1.) Numerous Appearances on radio and Internet talk shows and television talk and news shows;

2.) frequent quest blogs or a popular blog of your own;

3.) a well-known presence in on-line forums and social networks;

4.) popular videos or pod casts;

5.) frequent interviews on other peoples’ pod casts;

6.) your own Internet, radio or television show,

7.) a multitude of published articles or books in Both print and Internet publications;

8.) an extremely-large mailing list; and

9.) frequent Talks and presentations given to small, medium and large groups.

Expert platforms are built by getting interviewed by radio and Internet show hosts, by appearing on television talk and news programs and by speaking at events and for organizations related to the subject matter upon-which you write. Platforms are also built by writing articles for specialty and mass-market publications and for e-zines, as well as by blogging, Participating in on-line forums, social networking, and using Such on-line technology as posting podcasts and videos. Creating a large mailing list of devoted readers Interested in your work also Contribute to building a platform.

Although the fastest way to build an expert platform lies in landing television and radio interviews, the media sometimes requires nonfiction writers to be perceived as Experts Before They Can Be featured on news or talk shows. This means ofter Already having published a book in hand. Becoming an expert speaker represents the second fastest way to build an expert platform, but Many writers would rather write than speak and, again, having a published book Helps Achieve expert status.

If this reminds you a bit of the Whether question of the chicken or the egg came first, you are not alone. Many a nonfiction writer has felt frustrated by the need to have a published book to build an expert platform and the publishing industry’s need for Authors to be Experts Before They Will publish Their books.

So, how does an Aspiring nonfiction author Achieve expert status Prior to having a published book? By building a platform one article at a time.

For nonfiction writers, writing loads of articles for specialty and mass-market magazines and Newspapers and for e-zines Provides an infinitely-Easier method of platform building than Any of the others. Even if you are not a journalist per se, if you can write a chapter in a nonfiction book, You Can write an article. As these are published, you begin to Achieve expert status. You Will find yourself also asked to speak for organizations and at events, to be interviewed by podcasters, and to Appear on radio and television shows. As a result, you Will end up with a platform large enough to please Any publisher large or small. Add to that a great book idea and some great writing skills, and you’ll soon have a published book.

While publishing articles in traditional print publications is advisable and Encouraged, and magazines and Newspapers carry a lot of clout , When it comes to building platform, the Easiest way to start building your platform Involves writing and publishing articles for on-line publications. Many print publications have on-line versions That offer differentially content, but e-zines, newsletter or magazines That publish only on the Internet, Oftel are looking for free content to fill Their pages.

It’s easy enough to do a Google or Yahoo search for e-zines on the subject of the book you plan to write and to then submit the articles to e-zines you find. You Can Even submit excerpts from your chapters; this Provides you with a source of articles you do not have to write from scratch, and you might evenness be allowed to say They are excerpts, Which would Promote your book further. Targeted e-zines Provide your best promotional tool article on-line, since They have a built-in audience Interested in your subject. Sometimes These publications might evenness pay you for your Submissions, but They always give you a by-line and usually Will give you a short biography with a link to your web site.

Languages ​​You can usually submit articles to e zines for free; howeverwhole, doing so Can be quite time Consuming if you want to submit to very Many. Therefore, in addition to submitting to specific e-zines That hit your target market, it behooves you to find an article directory to where You Can submit your work as well. These Directories Provide free content to Hundreds of differentially e-zines looking for articles to fill Their pages. In addition, all of Them Will Allow you to Provide a “resource box” in which You Can direct Them to your web site and mention your Upcoming book. Additionally, They Will all Allow you to post a bio of yourself, in which you Can tell everyone about your expert status.

The Easiest and least time-Consuming method for getting your articles in the most e-zines, though, Involves paying for an article distribution service. For a nominal fee, These companies Will Allow you to submit your article and then submit Will That article to other article Directories and e-zines for you. In this manner, your articles or news release gets the most exposure and may end up in Any number of e-zines. Actually, it’s quite amazing where articles land When you let the editors of all types of e-zines and pick Choose Their content from These Directories.


Blogging For Dollars – How to make money by blogging


Making money with a blog is one of the quickest and easiest way to start an online business. It is also cheap. You can buy a domain name for $ 9, and hosting your domain for $ 5 a month. There are stories all over the internet about people who threw up a blog and were making big money in no time at all. While it is possible, it usually takes several weeks, and it needs to be done just right.

When people started to learn how easy it is to earn money blogging, it seemed that everyone was interested in blogging for dollars. Many people just jumped in and started trying without understanding the fundamentals involved in building their blog properly. They were drawn by the call of easy money and thought “if they can do it, so I can.”

The truth is, to build a profitable blog you need good content and good presentation, with a little hard work thrown in. Good content is something that only you can control. Share something of value. Do not throw something up just to have a few words on your page. Deliver something of value to the reader or they will not come back, and will not be interested in doing something that will make you money.

Do not be afraid to link to other websites too if they provide good value for your readers. Readers will appreciate you do research and find good information for them, instead of them having to surf all over to find the same. Give them good links to useful information is about as good as providing your information to them.

Now one of the best ways to start making money with your blog is to promote affiliate products through your blog. Affiliate products are products that belong to someone else, and they pay you a commission when you sell one of their products. If you use links to other websites readers will find interesting, you are automatically teach them to click on links. So when you link to affiliate products, they are more likely to click on the link.

To learn more about earning money with your blog you should get your blog included. Find a good guide will teach you what you need to know to be well on your way to big money blogging for dollars. Then you can learn from an expert and avoid making mistakes that will cost you money.


Free Blog Themes – make your blog Sites Attractive effortless


As you browse online, you will find plenty of blog sites that were created by the so-called bloggers. Bloggers are popping up like mushrooms, the reason why there are more and more blogs online.

If you are a blogger, certainly, you want blogs to be visited by a lot of users. With this, you will create a lot of unique and engaging content. But as a blogger, you have to know that the content is not the only thing you have to give time. Of course, you need to take time to make your blog site attractive and interesting to visit.

You need to fix the blog site, make it attractive and engaging. Design blog site takes a lot of time, effort and skill, but the good thing is that you can design and customize your blog page effortlessly into place with the help of Free Blog themes.

As you go online, you can find plenty of free blog themes, in fact, there are lots of websites that offer free blog themes. You can surf through these websites where you will find a free blog themes that suit your taste, preference and personality.

Indeed, the use of these issues, you can now change and beautify the blog site every now and then. At least, with your free time, you can change the theme.

There are even some online websites which offer you to register and get a change of customizing your site with free blog their themes.

Indeed, with technology these days, you can make things easier. You can even find almost everything today. In reality, most people want to find materials such as information, products and even services online, so more and more people, companies in the network to receive income.

That is why more and more are using the Net and promote things up. Just as blogs online. This was created to share ideas, tips, instructions and information to users.

Of course, as a blogger, you want blogs to be appreciated and visited by people. So, how can you do it? Make sure to come up with great content and of course always have an attractive blog site with the free blog theme. You can change the look of the blog site every now and then, so users have something to look forward to at times.

Surf for free blog theme to match your personality to enjoy the end attachment and customize your blog site.

Eliza Maledevic AYSO

Free Blog Themes


6 Ideas to consider when creating a blog


When a corporate blog, you need to remember a few things from the beginning to keep you focused. Do you want to be ranked high in popularity? If so, then you have to focus on readers. If making money is your goal then always remember that sales will depend readers. They will determine the popularity of your blog, and if you are successful in your business blogging.

here are six ideas you need to remember to successfully make money with a blog company.

1) Check your Facts-

Do not send anything until you have done your research on the value of content. If you are not an expert then do not say so. But if you continue to research, over time you will be recognized as an industry leader and knowledgeable about your topic.

2) Creative Presence-

Be sure readers are able to get a glimpse of who you are, and the reasons for blogging. The more familiar you become your readers, the more confidence you will have to develop them. Be sure to share some of your self, family, opinions, interests, so long as they have the weight of your blog. Confidence is particularly important if you plan to use the site to advertise your offer.

3) Build your Network

When you get the good stuff elsewhere, be sure to lend origin by linking to their site. If they like the quality of your posts, they will reciprocate by linking to your site, and you profit from them from the traffic they generate.

4) Participate in blogging community- you

Remember this is a great place to get ideas that might help you to blog content and design. Pay attention to what is being discussed or questioned because they can become future content. Only after constructive, useful information and comments. Remember, you are creating your reputation for itself and blog.

5) Professionalism-

Does your site reflect you as a business professional or are they looking at the hard-to-read fonts or graphics too much. If it looks amateurish, it’s off. Make sure your blogs are neat and organized content.

6) Show Appreciation- website

There is always a good idea to remember your goal when you create your blog. The blog was created for readers. When you pay attention to the need for a blog, you will position yourself as one of the more popular blogs in your niche. With the aim to make money with your blog, this should be important, your income will depend on it. Your appreciation, you must be sure your future success, sometimes extending gratitude for their loyalty with to-the-point Thanks email with a free report or video.

extension diligence to these 6 ideas in this article will ensure that readers will continue to get the value they are looking for and also to ensure future success.